I started studying for REG part of the CPA exam!

I am not sure how many people will read this post, but I am writing this in a very tired state of mind. I just finished working a full 10 hour work day, and it’s not even busy season yet! Today I switched between three new clients, worked on an Accounting research on ESOP plans (don’t even… look it up), had a “professional” serious talk with my colleague, balanced out an entire Trial Balance in less than 30 mins (it’s because of the luck, but still I am proud), and found out that Pho does not always come with soup!

And now I am back at my desk studying for REG. what a day.

Sometimes I wonder if I can actually pass the CPA exam. Even with a master degree I still find it so… humongous. But to think that one month into my new job, with all the information and emotional rollercoasters, I still have energy left to even start studying, Youth really is a fleeing but valuable thing.

These days I try my best to pack my lunch, but it’s getting more and more difficult. I eat my lunch and then take a nap in my car, because I’m just drained all the time. From time to time certain memories pop up out of nowhere, but most of them are from night walks I took from libraries in Berkeley and Champaign back home. Some of them smell like summer jasmine and thousand stars, others still freeze my cheek off. Then I realize that fo the past 6 years, almost every evening is spent studying something. I still think about the days when I try so hard to land a job, not because I want to stay here, but simply because I didn’t want to lose. Partially I am driven by the same “pride” to want to take the CPA exam.

Sometimes I ask if it’s all in vain. If one day I look back on these posts and laugh so hard about them my tears would fall out. To thee happy child of the future, I, from the past, sent greetings and remind you that, memories are unreliable beautification of what is real to me now. May you only remember the random happiness, but also don’t forget that pain, on some degree, can be romanticized as well.


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