Random thoughts on interviews

Recently I have been receiving a flood of interview requests (which is weird considering my job prospect last semester). I wouldn’t say much changed in this semester, probably my stats have even gotten worse. But somehow someone has worked the magic.

I want to talk (or vent) about recorded interviews in this post. Which genius in their right mind created this? I mean, did they think it’s fun to speak to a camera for 30 minutes? I had to ask a friend of mine to sit behind my webcam once just to get the feel of talking to an actual human. He refused to do it again, and honestly, with the amount of info I generously spill out during interviews, I wouldn’t want him to do it again!

I am very grateful that God has given me so many opportunities lately. Somehow it always makes me sad that the interview (in person ones) come to an end. It’s like giving a solo performance only to know that the judge has to leave before the show ends. I doubt many job-seekers feel the same, so lets keep it a secret between you and me.

For whatever reason, whenever people hear that I speak German they think automatically that I am “polite”. I beg to differ! One interviewer actually told me to be “less polite”, what does that even suppose to mean? Another interviewer sent an email to my career service, saying that apparently, I amazed her to the point that she thought her company wouldn’t be able to keep me in the long run. Really sister? Just let me in and we can sort it out from there!

I am going to change the publishing date of this post to next September I guess. I really hope no recruiter is going to care enough to stalk my blog six months after our interview.

And to me in September, did you find a job? Please let me know! Your older self is struggling here! Anything, even a dream revelation would be great! Thanks and take care of yourself!


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