More exciting things!

Sometimes I go over the posts I wrote from last three years and realized that all I could do here is to provide perspectives. A certain perspective that is only “alive” given a certain age, environment and circumstances. I want to preserve as much of my “youth” as possible, so that not only it’s fun to go back to where I started from time to time, but also see how different “excitement” can feel like as time goes by. And since words are the medium I am most familiar with, here I am.

Anywho, the time has come! I am finishing up my Master degree in Accounting. I can’t believe the past year flew by so quickly, in the sense that I don’t “feel” like I am changing that much. But when I think about things happening in Berkeley, or even before that, I can no longer see them clearly. Things that happen a year ago became somewhat like a video game that I log on and off, but the mentality then no longer represents me as a person. It’s so hard to describe with words, but I grew so much in this year. I learned to adapt to an ever-changing environment, willingly or unwillingly. I constantly questioned my ability when job searching didn’t go that well. I made new friends with whom I cried, laughed, and contemplated about random threads that seemed to lead no where but secretly weaved my 24th year walking on this planet. So many ups and downs. But most importantly, so many questions that I had to push aside just to keep on going. (Maybe a year later, the 25-year old me will judge my “questions” and mumbling. But that’s her problem, not mine.)

Nonetheless, I managed to land job offers, in (probably) the harshest job market in past 5 years. I think there are many lessons to be learned in this process, but maybe one of them is to dare to throw away the past. People say when you travel, pack light. I seem to come to a stage in which the “new normal” is much lighter, and I prefer it that way. And speaking of “future” and “exciting things”, I finally started registering for CPA exams… I started the process at least three months ago but because of the virus, bureaucracy, changing addresses and so on, I had to re-do the process several times. So hopefully in the future I can exercise my wish to write more posts about the CPA exam.


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