Update: I went snowboarding again

As in title

I went snowboarding last weekend again, and I finished my first homerun in Squaw and Alpine (not that it deserves any sincere “Congratulations!” but I was super excited about it). I can somehow switch between toe-side and heel-side now but only when the slope is not a 60 degree angle. I tried to switch on such a slope in Squaw and landed on my breasts……… not that I care about my already sad feminine curves. It really hurts, now that I look back I am pretty sure that I landed at at least 18-19 mph on an accelerating snowboard. For three days I couldn’t do yoga or any form of activities that require deep breath because it hurt. But now I (think I) am fine.

btw, when I crushed myself into snow and couldn’t talk or breath for like a whole 10 seconds, the only thing on my mind was “good job, now I can finally experience the whole DSP deal” but now it seems like I am destined to take my finals per usual.

weather in berkeley has been awesome these days. Summer finally arrives although I don’t know how long it will stay. Today I had one acai bowl with wheatgrass shots and the cashier kept checking with me if I actually wanted my wheatgrass in my acai bowl.

“It tastes like grass, you know.”


“Do you want it on the side then?”

“No, please just put it in my acai bowl.” (At this point the cashier already gave up.)

I love summer weathers in berkeley. This is perfect weather for dead week. Although I did want to have huge watermelons as I did back home, and I can’t wait to finish two of my three summer classes and go back home and eat watermelons with spoons.



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