Lip Balms

This blog post is about lip balms.

I really want to write something, the urge to write is like a crazy bee crashing into everything in my head; And then my lips felt dry (they always do), so I decided to put on some lip balm. And then I was like, let me write about lip balms, what it was like to own different lip balms.

Scroll down to the end to find my favorite;

Obviously this post will not cover all lip balms I have tried; and since it’s a recommendation post I will only cover lip balms I like(d). All picture courtesy to Google.

Blame “modern corporation”


I discovered this lip-balm when I was accompanying a friend of mine on her shopping trip in target. It was at downtown Berkeley and I remembered seeing the advertisement of this lip balm popped up during my youtube videos. I found the idea of a “clear” lip balm really interesting and gave it a try.

The reason it reminds me of “modern corporation” is because I realized that I had no need of lip balms before that target trip. But I don’t want to blame Target. Standing in front of the shelves, it was my youtube ads that drove me to buy it. It seem like modern corporations operate in a different way. They don’t satisfy demands, but create them.

I was very disappointed. It’s nothing special, and it tastes like coconut (my lips don’t like coconuts; or any type of nut-scents anyways)

My Dad’s random display of (quite useless) love


One night last winter, I was chilling at home, watching soap dramas. My Dad, who recently returned from a business trip, pulled out this little thing and told me that he bought it “because the packaging is cute”; I don’t understand how he could fall for this trap when he’s a businessman himself. Anyways, I tried. It was too oily, but smelled really good. Apparently the beauty counter lady also told him that I could use it on my dry fingertips. (One would wonder how that conversation went).

My dad is a very quiet person. I carry this lip balm with me so I can think about him.

It was a very random display of fatherly love, and possibly in a wrong way. I hope my dad didn’t think of me when purchasing this lip balm. I am neither pink, nor cute.

the Invisible

avene lip blam

I tend to really like Avene products since I have sensitive skin. However, this lip balm specifically is very weird. First of all it’s over-priced. Secondly I personally don’t like lip balms without scents (which contradicts somehow to my previous comment of coconut flavor; and actually is good for me since scents are generally bad for sensitive skins). Nonetheless I used up one of these last winter. It does take forever to finish so maybe that’s a good thing.

Avene products always remind me of those invisible commonalities in life like showering, eating, sleeping, using bathrooms; one would suffer without them, but until one loses access to them, they seem to be more of a daily burden than enjoyment.


love balm

This is awesome. The only lip balm (cream?oil?) that actually delivers moisture. The only drawback is that it takes days to get your lips perfectly moisturized, but once they become baby lips it’s hard to dry them out again (with the help of “love balm” of course).

I also use it on my skin, especially during winter, when Berkeley gets extremely dry. It’s smell is also not so aggressive. This is my current favorite. Its design is hideous (in my opinion), but quite functional.


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