München log2: Museums in München



    When I walked in, there was nobody there except a lady sitting in the front. Frauenkirche is a much bigger church than the one I saw in Regensburg yesterday, and it’s much more well-kept (maybe it’s because people actually uses it). The statue of Jesus was quite impressive as it was hanging from the wall like a giant pendant. I found it interesting, that Jesus was sticked into the cross with his mouth and eyes free. Isn’t that quite mesmerizing. Even though physically he couldn’t move, mentally (or spiritually) he could still be alive.  

    An interesting anecdote about the church: on the ground there was a black footprint, and if you stand on the footprint, it’s impossible to see any windows. It was said that after the church was built, one day the devil decided to pay a visit and left the black footprint. Unable to see any windows, he said that a church was useless if there was no window. However, one more step forward two windows popped out from both sides behind the pillars. The devil was so angry and defeated that he turned into a wind, constantly hovering around the church.

    The only problem I found with the anecdote was the size of the footprint: it was only a little bit bigger than my footprints and hence seemed quite unrealistic to me: the statue of Jesus was so big it had to be hung up from the ceiling, when the footprints of a devil is only slightly larger than that of an Asian female.



Alte Pinakothek:

    I really enjoyed the museum. First of all, I found museums in Munich and its surrounding cities generally a nice place to spend time at because: 1) it’s always raining (although when I was at München, only the second day it rained a bit) 2) it’s much colder outside anyways 3) entry tickets do not cost much (the entry ticket, if you are a student, is anywhere ranging from 2 to 4 Euro)

    The museum for old Art is situated directly across museum for modern art. I saw some Art students bringing their own foldable chairs, notebooks and watercolors to outline some of the paintings. There are also primary school students sitting in circle with their teachers sitting amidst them discussing the art works. I was surprised by how quiet the kids were and genuinely interested into Art, something I only got into after entry into high school. Upon talking to one of the locals there, I also learned that Sunday was “Museum Day”, a brilliant idea in my opinion, to keep the people cultured (and busy).

The museum website is https://www.pinakothek.de/


    It’s an open space about five minute walks from the museum. I got my lunch here, sitting next to a group of students from the technical university in Munich. The salad tastes like salad everywhere and my waiter checked with me twice before he took the order:” Salad only?”

    There was a nice park on left hand side of Königsplatz with some tables for table tennis. It was Friday afternoon and dogs were out having fun. I also realized that I was the only one sitting alone on benches. This is the only time that I missed being in Berkeley: it’s the exact opposite, from my observation.

Das Staatliche Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (+special exhibition in Modern Art):

    There was the Egyptian God who transformed himself into the shape of an eagle. He’s my favorite. Every other god just looked awkward, especially the cat one. I was also surprised to find out the influence of Greco-Roman aesthetic on Egypt, after it became part of the empire. Interesting, never thought about what happened after the ancient Egyptian culture (i.e. the old and new kingdoms)



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