I don’t know how long this blog is going to survive due to my lack of motivation and inspiration in the blogging world (though, I am working on following more bloggers and documenting my life in a scheduled way, i.e. Polaroid pictures and journals). Anyways, I will try to make my 30 dollars for the .blog domain spent to its fullest.

Tomorrow is the first day of my Thanksgiving break. The “normal” thanksgiving break was supposed to start on Thursday, which is Nov. 24th. However, it seems like the holiday schedule is a bit funny for my school. I entered B-college in Fall 2014. During my first year of college, Thanksgiving Holiday started on Nov.24th, like most of my high school friends entering different colleges. I remembered this so clearly because one of my high school friends apparently had his holiday started on Nov.21st (That makes Thanksgiving break an entire week, excluding the weekend preceding Nov.21st) This awkwardly long schedule of Thanksgiving break is so confusing to me. But for my college, it seems like the four day Thanksgiving break is not enough for its mentally tortured students. If the school starts Thanksgiving break at Nov.24th, students start leaving school at Nov.23rd. (which makes it hard for instructors to have full classes to teach). Although, I must admit that I sometimes suspect that the instructors are secretly wishing students to not appear in classes in the hope that one day not one single student will show up in class. And thus, the school’s administrative people would have to do something in order to not waste both sides’ precious holiday time. The awesome plan that they came up with is to have no instruction on Nov.23rd, so that students can leave early as they wish, and instructors don’t have to show up to nearly empty classrooms and be disappointed once more.

One flaw about the plan: apparently students are leaving school on Nov.22nd this year. which makes me wonder how long will it take for my school to add yet one more day onto our Thanksgiving holiday schedule.

I have great expectation for this year’s Thanksgiving break. Partly because of my previous experiences, though gradually improving, were never the “best” experience I could have for Thanksgiving. I had always considered Thanksgiving break a short break. I remembered flying to New York for my first Thanksgiving break in college(old schedule, so started at Nov.24th) and was more than exhausted to get off the plane at 2AM in the morning (thanks to time differences across the US) and had to fly back to B-City, where my college is located, in less than three days. My first Thanksgiving break in college turned out to be such a tiring experience that for my second Thanksgiving break in Sophomore year, I visited S-city, an hour’s flight to the north of B-city. My friend from High School went to W-college over there. We had an awesome time sleeping in until Noon, finally leaving her apartment at around 2PM, having late-brunch(?)/early-dinner at around 3PM, trolling around the city without exact purposes, watching movies, then going back to my friend’s apartment at around 10PM, having late-dinner at around 11PM, then chit-chatting, or simply chilling, until 2AM in the morning, then falling asleep with lights on. It was an absolutely unhealthy, inefficient, and mentally satisfying (to my surprise) Thanksgiving break. This year my friend is visiting me in B-city. I started planning activities for the break two weeks ahead so hopefully I won’t wake up at Noon for this year’s Thanksgiving break.

My cousin is also visiting me from I-college south from B-college. Super excited for all the philosophical (seriously, he’s a much more mature person than I am) late-night talks!

That’s it for now I guess. I just finished my last homework before Thanksgiving and really, can’t control myself right now.


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